Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some random BizTalk Server facts!!!

Here is an attempt to compile some vital information related to BizTalk server that might be useful to be aware of. I will keep updating this post as I find more interesting facts to share with. Also please feel free to let me know, if there are any corrections to the facts listed below or other useful facts.
  • Default number of Retry's that an atomic shape in an orchestration has (not sure yet, if this can be reset to different value) : 20
  • Number of levels that scopes can be nested within an orchestration: 44
  • Default Isolation Level for Atomic Transaction Type: ReadCommitted
  • Two of the ACID properties that may not be guaranteed by Long Running Transaction are: Atomicity and Isolation
  • Only called orchestrations may have Compensation. Any compensation on top-level orchestration will be ignored by Runtime engine.
  • out and reference parameters can not be passed with Start Orchestration shape (may be due to asynchronous nature of Start shape)


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